Selecting the Right Conference Table

Conference Table: AIS Calibrate Collection

A well designed conference room can facilitate great discussions, idea generation, and productive meetings. The conference table you select will set the stage for the overall aesthetics and functionally of the room. The space will give your team a place to collaborate and also creates a professional environment when interacting with clients. Here are 5 things to consider when you choose the right conference table for your office.

Room size

The first thing you’ll need to think about is the size of your room. Make sure that there is enough room around the table so people can easily access all areas of the room. Keep in mind the doors and windows in the room and make sure they are easily accessible as well. You’ll also want to account for any additional furniture being placed in the room, like an audio visual cabinet or a coffee station.


Determine the capacity of the room to figure to how many chairs you’ll need. You will want to consider what types of chairs you envision for the conference room to ensure everything will fit. Leave space to give your employees and clients ample elbow room, even when the table is full.

Power sources

Most likely phones, laptops and an audio/visual station will be used in your conference room. For this reason, take into account where your power sources are in your conference room and how the placement of this equipment will affect the function of the table. You will want to make sure there is easy access to power for laptops and a place for cords so the room looks tidy when not in use.

Design Aesthetic

If the conference table is the first item you’ll be purchasing for your meeting room, think of how it will impact the design aesthetic of the rest of the room as well as your overall office. If selecting for an existing space, make sure to consider your current office furniture pieces to determine which conference table would be the best fit. Think about what style and color other pieces in the area will be to make sure the table looks like it belongs.

Lastly, remember to carefully consider what conference tables fit within your budget. Prices can vary according to the size of the table, material, features and manufacturer. Contact the Keeney’s team today to work with one of our furniture specialists on your next project!

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