2020 Office Trends

The way employees and companies work continues to evolve, changing workplace environments and office setups each year. In 2020, trends will focus on attracting top talent, utilizing sustainable materials, creating welcoming spaces and maximizing usability within the office space. Check out the list below for design styles to watch out for in the upcoming year.

Features to Attract New Talent

Employee perks such as onsite gyms, yoga spaces, and napping rooms continue to grow in popularity and become more common in the workplace. Creating spaces that “feel like home” with comfortable lounge pieces, greenery and a stocked kitchen will help employees achieve the work/life balance they desire.

Sustainable Designs

Operating a sustainable business is increasingly important to companies and their consumers. From purchasing furniture made out of sustainable materials to setting up recycling programs to obtaining LEED certification, offices will continue to look for ways to increase their green practices in 2020.

Bright Offices

Utilizing natural light with large windows and open spaces will help to create bright, welcoming spaces. Building outdoor spaces for employees will also take advantage of sun light and create happy, productive places for your team to work.

Unconventional Workspaces

Creating spaces that are reconfigurable and serve multiple uses are becoming more and more in demand in today’s offices. As rents continue to rise, companies are maximizing usability of each space by creating reconfigurable rooms with movable tables, retractable walls and multipurpose furniture.    With the removal of traditional desks and offices, it is also important to provide quiet workspaces like phone booths or meeting nooks.

Implementing these trends will help to meet the wants and needs of today’s employees and help to create a welcoming and efficient work environment for your team. Schedule a consultation with the Keeney’s team to start incorporating these 2020 designs into your office. Happy New Year!


*Photo courtesy of AIS

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