Avoid Neck and Back Pain at Work

Working on a computer all day long can be extremely stressful on your body. With improper posture, your neck and shoulders can become very sore, making it even harder to sit and work properly day after day. Using the proper office furniture and ergonomic positioning will help you use good posture and avoid pain after a long workday. Here are a few tips to help you stay comfortable:

Adjust your screen to eye-level

One of the biggest causes of neck pain at the office is keeping a computer screen too low. This forces users to slump over to type and positions their neck downward to view the screen for long periods of time. Get a monitor stand or monitor arms that allow you to position your screen at a comfortable viewing height. This will let you keep your neck relaxed and straight while you work.

Position your screen arm’s length from your face

Nearly as important as screen height is the distance your screen is from your body. You don’t want to be sitting too far away from the screen and have to lean in or hunch over to view it but you don’t want your nose to be touching the screen either. A good rule of thumb is to keep your computer screen approximately an arm’s length away from your body.

Don’t twist your back or neck to view the screen

Make sure to position your computer screen at the center of your vision so you do not have to twist your neck or lower back to view it. Avoid working on computers that are seated to the side of you, or use a swivel chair to physically rotate your body toward the screen if you have a duplicate screen setup.

Use a headset for calls

If you’re making a lot of calls, there’s a good chance you’re working with a telephone held between your shoulder and your ear, which can cause a lot of neck pain after prolonged periods. To avoid uncomfortable positions, use a hands-free headset that allows you to take calls and type all while sitting up straight.

Making these simple changes can help to make you comfortable all day long (even after you clock out!) For assistance adjusting your workstation, contact the Keeney’s team and one of our representatives will conduct an ergonomic assessment and make sure you have everything you need to avoid neck and back pain at the office.

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