Creating Professional Business Cards

As we make strides towards a paperless office, one paper product still remains irreplaceable: the business card. When attending conferences, fairs or networking events, exchanging business cards at the end of a conversation is crucial for following up afterward and remembering each person you met with. Prepare your design carefully, and your business card will make you look professional, build trust and set your company apart from others in your field. Below are a few things to consider when creating your business card.


Incorporate Your Branding

Remain consistent with your brand when developing your business cards. Use your brand colors and include your logo on your business card to create a seamless connection between your cards and company website. This connection will also help in remember who you are and what company you work for.

Highlight Your Name

Besides your company logo, the most prominent thing on your business card should be your name. Make sure it is easily readable by selecting a legible font and a color with contrast to the background. You will also want to include the title of your position for more context.

Include Important Contact Information

Make sure your contact information is easy to read on your business card. To prevent crowding your business card, you may want to select one or two methods of contact to showcase. This commonly includes a phone number and email address. Remember to include a personal email (not generic), and direct phone number.

Be Mindful of White Space

Once you’ve added all the above mentioned elements in your business card, make sure there is still sufficient white space. This is important to allow readers to easily skim the card. Your card will also look more professional if it isn’t cluttered with too much information. If you find that there isn’t enough white space, you might consider decreasing your font or logo size, or completely removing some information. If appropriate, you can also think about using both sides of your business card.

Make it Memorable

A business card is typically your first impression and there are a number of creative tactics you can use to make yours stand out. Designing a business card with a unique shape, interesting material or bold color can help your card stick out in a stack.


The perfect business cards should be easy to read, well designed, and reflective of your business. If you need you need to print your newly designed business cards or reprint the ones you currently have (you don’t want to run out!) contact Keeney’s and our team with get you networking ready!

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