Flexible Workspaces

How and where employees are working has changed a lot in the recent decades. With portable computers, wireless internet and the technology to work with teammates remotely, offices are adapting to create flexible workspaces. These spaces allow workers to work in various places throughout the day, interact with a variety of co-workers and be more comfortable in the workplace. So what makes an office a “flexible workspace”?

Adjustable Furniture

When selecting furniture for a flexible office space, consider the many ways in which an area can be used. Furniture with wheels can be easily moved and adjusted to fit the need of the workers using it. Some types of tables easily fit together to accommodate large, conference-style meetings, then can be separated to create individual work stations. Movable walls and wheeled whiteboards help to provide privacy when needed and are useful during meetings.

Collaborative Areas

One of the main issues in traditional offices spaces is lack of collaborative areas. Make sure there are multiple spaces available in your office for teams, both small and large, to meet and brainstorm. Incorporate whiteboards, projectors and lots of seating to encourage creative ideas and teamwork.

Power Sources

A very important element when designing a flexible workspace is incorporating power sources throughout the space. This will allow employees to work where ever they want for however long they’d like. Outlets can be added to columns, built into chairs and added to conference tables to make sure devices are powered all day long.

Lounge Spaces

Create a space for your team to relax and unwind throughout the day. Lounge areas are also a great place for casual meetings or team building activities. Consider creating an outdoor lounge area as well so your team can get outside during nice days.

A workspace that adapts to a worker’s needs can help to make them a happier and more productive employee. Schedule an on-site furniture consultation with the Keeney’s team for help creating a more flexible office.

*Product shown: OFS Obeya

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