Refresh Your Tradeshow Booth

Tradeshows are a great way to get valuable face time with potential customers and business partners. In order to get those leads into your booth though, you need to create an attractive and inviting booth. While preparing for your next event, think about what you will need to draw customers in and what you can provide to keep them engaged. Below are a few ideas to refresh your tradeshow booth:

Eye-Catching Graphics

Order signage and tablecloths in company colors with a large logo. If your business name doesn’t say what your company does, graphics or a tagline should also be included so show attendees know what your business offers as they are walking by.

Inviting Aesthetics

If room allows, bring comfortable seating so your potential customers can rest while they discuss business opportunities. Bringing an area rug or carpet squares can completely change the look of your booth and will also make standing for long periods of time more comfortable.  Setting up your own lighting can also help your booth to standout and completely change the aesthetics of the space.

Informative Technology

Large televisions with videos or slideshows can attract attendees into your booth and can also be a great tool for showing what your business does. Using a tablet or laptop while talking to potential customers is an easy way to show examples or your work and engage with attendees.

Making a few changes to your current setup can help to attract more attendees to your booth and hopefully convert those attendees into customers. Reach out to the Keeney’s team to refresh your booth design for your next event!

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